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I can just picture when everything calms down and tfw are all living in the bunker that cas always, somehow, ends up in deans room.

no one really even understands how or why too because cas will be in the hall, or maybe even talking to someone, and suddenly he’ll just be at the door to deans room confused. Maybe even with other people he’ll just sort of slowly shuffle his way there and the other person he’s talking to wount even notice until Dean opens the door and asks why exactly they’re having a conversation right outside his room when they had been in front of the library not even ten minutes ago.

It’s just sort of like Cas gravitates towards Dean and sometimes the poor man will wake up in the middle of the night to find that the beds too small for him now because Cas took up residence on the other side and if Cas dose wake up he would be just as confused as Dean as to how exactly he got there.

Ok, so this is what really caught my attention

It was the guy burning himself infront of Crowley. Like, for some reason, I cant get that out of my mind cause I automatically connect it to the Buddhist  monk who burned himself

and I remember he was like protesting the prosecution of other Buddhists 

and I want to know if it means anything!